Hello Planet Earth,,,

We are a species of felines from a planet called Tabbylus, hidden far away in the galaxy. Many years ago we sent some of our inhabitants to Planet Earth to watch over the humans and report back to us regularly. We must say we are fairly shocked. 

The aura of Planet Earth is not very bright. When it comes to pollution, consumption and wars we think you might overdo it a little bit, don't you think? Your world is losing its balance more and more, and in our cat eyes this mess is created by general unhappiness.

As you know, cats love to be in a cozy and a harmonious habitat and thus The United Federation of Cats will address this chaos. Our aim is that everyone in this universe is able to live in a marvelous environment. In our Meowifesto you can find our purrfect vision for a happy and cheerful life.

We invite you to be a part of our federation – help us to spread love all over the universe and promote our mission.

Sincerely Yours,

Mia de Luv
President of The United Federation of Cats

Mia de Luv